List of services

Richelieu Art Gallery: a wide range of good ideas
to bring fantasy and sophistication to your work meetings and « get together »!
We are at your disposal to give you
all the information that you might need concerning your specific requirements.
You can reach us at the Gallery, Monday through Friday.

Consulting Services:
Design of your work space or your living environment

You would like to re-energize the work environment for your team, or renew your home decor?

You feel that you lack time or ease to select new paintings and art objects in harmony with the existing setting of your business or your home?

You will find in the vast rooms of the Richelieu Art Gallery, an impressive selection of contemporary paintings regularly updated or renewed.

You can also benefit from the expertise of the owner, Colette Richelieu, who has worked in the fields of art, decoration and fashion and can guide you in choosing works and displaying them to their advantage.

Her main concern, to help find the right artwork for the right person in the right environment, will contribute to your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Gift Certificate

- to mark your appreciation for a job well done,
- to emphasize a leave for retirement,
- to honor a loyal customer,
- or to celebrate a birthday,
- to congratulate your son or daughter for her accomplishments,
- to help newlyweds embellish their home,

by offering a gift certificate from the Richelieu Art Gallery,
you are sure to bring great joy to the recipient
and enhance his existence.

The impressive selection of contemporary paintings regularly upgraded or renewed, provided in the vast rooms of the Richelieu Gallery will delight those you want to spoil.

In addition, Colette Richelieu will be happy to guide and advise them in their choice if they so desire.

Venue Rental

Event management, corporate or private

Reception of working groups or conferences, on site screening equipment and snacks available

Introduction to communication through art

Revealing the artist present in everyone can be a way to get to know and develop hidden talents.

This may be a way to improve communication and develop cohesion.

A discreet and attentive assistance.

Support corporate vision

The preparation of a major event is a time consuming task. Nothing must be left to chance to ensure the success of an exercise as critical to the company.

Richelieu Art Gallery offers to support the aesthetic dimension of the event, as well as some of the social aspects.

Once your needs and expectations are clearly defined, Richelieu Art Gallery offers you a turn key approach.

Selection of personalized gifts

In addition to the holding of activities, art and culture, Richelieu Gallery also offers enterprises a search service for personalized gifts.